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Knot Just for Kids: Mastering the Art of Tying Your Child’s BJJ Belt!

Hi there, fellow parents! Just like you, I found myself in a unique position of needing (and not knowing how to) to tie my child’s BJJ belt, even though I have previous experience in martial arts. The first time I held his white belt in my hands, I’ll admit I felt a mix of excitement and uncertainty. But I quickly realized that this was an opportunity for me to learn alongside my child, to connect with their passion, and to support them on their martial arts journey. I no doubt made plenty of mistakes the first couple of times. It was too loose, crooked or way too long but I kept at it, partially because I needed to, but also because I really was excited ti have him train in something that was such a big part of my life.

So, for everyone looking to get better at tying their child’s belt, here’s an awesome instructional video to help you out!


Remember: Tying your child’s BJJ belt is not just a practical task—it’s an opportunity to connect, support, and be an active participant in their martial arts journey.

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