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Ring to Cage review

I recently purchased these “Japanese -style” boxing gloves from RingtoCage.ca. I had chosen them specifically because they were built to be similar to what many consider to be the Cadillac of boxing gloves, Winnings, at nearly 1/4th the cost.

I’ve seen multiple reviews that spoke highly of them and I needed to replace my well used, 8 year old TITLE SCULPTED THERMO FOAM SPARRING GLOVE. Despite my love for boxing/MT I can’t get myself to drop up to $550 for a pair of Winning 16oz’s.

But this isn’t a review for the gloves, this is a review on buying from RingtoCage.ca. A review on the gloves will come after I’ve gotten a chance to use them.

I put my order for the gloves on Dec 26th, after I came to the realization that there would be no Boxing Day sales. What I liked was that they advertised delivery from a Canadian warehouse. This means no international shipping charges, shorter delivery times and no customs fees— all of which make buying gear a pain in the arse for us Canadians.

I put the order in on the 26th and received a confirmation almost immediately. 3 days later, on the 29th I received confirmation of shipping with a FEDEX tracking number.

Interestingly enough, my package came from Durham, North Carolina. Clearly the gloves weren’t in the Canadian warehouse. That said, my shipping was free (free over $100) and I haven’t gotten a customs bill. I received the package on Jan 3rd. Which is just over a week. Considering there was a weekend and a holiday in between the order and the receipt I’m not going to complain. A week is reasonable even within Canada.

Overall, I’m happy with the experience of buying from RingtoCage.ca.

Stay tuned to my review on the gloves! 🥊🥊

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