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Why The Heck Start a BLOG in 2022??


So I’m going to attack this question first. Why, in a world of Instagram, TikTok, Podcasts and YouTube would I decide that a BLOG is how you’re going to reach the world? To be honest, I’ve tried a lot of different mediums. I have written for different publications in the past and I started different blogs before, I also hosted a real estate podcast and I regularly do short videos on my Instagram

Despite my experiments, I often return to something I truly enjoy doing, which is writing. 

To be completely honest, videos and podcasts, as fun as they are, are a lot of work (I’ll be posting some lessons I’ve learned in doing them if you want to learn more). Editing and recording alone is a lot, especially if it’s something you want to be proud of. I’m not a perfectionist, but I’d prefer the stuff I put out be of some quality. 

Another reason is that the written word, doesn’t need a whole lot. We are reading words written more than 2,000 years ago yet my VHS tape can’t be played at this point. Sure the internet could go down, but in theory I could print out everything I write on this blog and bury it in a box and in a 100 years someone could open it and odds are read it. The can’t be said about videos and audio recordings, at least not yet. Part of the reason I decided to do anything (other than to scratch a creative itch) is to share who I am to future generations and writing is still the undisputed champ of mediums. Maybe in 2000 years, videos overtake it, but for now, I’ll stick with writing. 

Lastly, I mentioned writing for future generations. Why would anyone care what I have to say? I can’t be sure that anyone of my future generations (if they exist) would care, but I know that if I found a journal or book of my great grandfathers ramblings, giving advice on things like how to grow proper rice in the Philippines in the 1800s I’d be grateful to be able to read that. I don’t, many of us don’t and although I can’t change what happened in the past, I can leave something behind for those in the future. 

So for all these reasons, and probably a few more, I decided that in 2022, a written BLOG is my choice of mediums!

– Kenners!

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